Introducing Acres GIS/GPS Area Measurement for Android

Introducing Acres GIS/GPS area Measurement and Manager for Android

Acres is a new Android GIS tool for the measure and management of areas. Easily and permanently record areas and lengths in the field and save them to the project file. This program has powerful CAD editing tools to assist in field collection. Never visit the same point twice!

Acres GIS for Android

 Do you do?

  • Agriculture or soil surveys
  • work in Real Estate
  • environmental surveys
  • estimate areas
  • record or need to view GIS field
  • right of way management
  • field asset management

Featured Features

  • SNAP will be your new best friend. Easily join endpoints, polygon boundaries, node points and corners. The SNAP marker pops-up when you approach, clearly marking the SNAP target. SNAP is activated with just one click on a toggle button in the top action-bar, turn it on or off and adjust your SNAP distance any time during an active survey.
  • Store-by-Interval in GPS mode will automatically store points. The interval is filtered with both time and distance. This produces more even point recording when traveling. The Store-by-Interval method can be turned on/off with the stopwatch button in the action-bar, again this feature can be activated at any time during an active survey.
  • Multi-Mode Survey Collection. Acres allows multiple modes of point collection during the same active survey. For any point collect with either touch or GPS methods. SNAP is always available for all modes.
  •  Powerful CAD Edit Features. Edit your data in the field. Change color, delete, move, copy, hide, edit vertexes, add holes to polygons, split polylines, join polylines, close polylines to make polygon.
  • Import/Export KML files. Robust file support for KML files. Tested with very large files, successfully importing and displaying all United States Counties boundaries.  KML can files can be displayed with Google Earth, ESRI ArcGIS Explorer and other KML viewers.

Download Acres Manual