Google and Lenovo bring Tango 3D to Phone

Climax Studios tango
Climax Studios Tango Towers build a city and 5 star tower on your kitchen table.

Lenovo Tango with 3D camera
Lenovo Tango with 3D camera
Lenovo Phab 2 released summer of 2016 is the first phone with Googles Tango 3D augmented reality system. This is currently the only phone model with the tango system until Asus Zenfone AR is released in the second quarter of 2017).So what is Tango 3D AR. Tango was developed in Googles ATAP’s skunkworks group. The development team was headed up by Johnny Lee, which previously worked on Microsoft’s Kinect. Tango will allow you to record and map a 3D environment using the onboard 3D camera. Only a handful of Apps are currently available for Tango. These apps include MeasureIt(for measuring objects), roOomy Reality that enables you to visualize furniture placements, Tango Constructor an experimental developer app that demonstrates selected features of Tango. Tango Towers where you build a 5 star 3D tower in AR.

These only scratch the surface of the potential for AR using a phone hand set. Future applications will include building and landscape visualization in real-world settings. Applications to map in 3D using the 3D camera, systems GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer.